MetroMart is still COMPLETELY locally focused! These will be ONLY top-notch, grade-A, premiere deals from the most respected businesses in the Louisville metro. 


Your favorite radio personalities on 840WHAS, Sports790, 97.5 WAMZ, 95.7 WQMF, 93.1 The Fox, 98.9 Radio Now and 100.5 MyFM  will tell you all about the MetroMart deal on-air, then you can check your email for an exclusive coupon from MetroMart that can be anywhere from 50-80% off.


We won't just send you a deal to send you a deal, we will ONLY send you station approved deals.

  • Five Z-Xtra Car Washes for Half price

    Actual Value: $60.00

    Selling Price: $30.00

  • USA Dawgs - Women's 9'' Microfiber SheepDawgs Boots - Free Shipping

    Actual Value: $79.99

    Selling Price: $33.00

  • VIP Pass and Admission toThe Devils Attic for $11

    Actual Value: $22.00

    Selling Price: $11.00

  • Sport Clips MVP Haircut for Half Off

    Actual Value: $22.00

    Selling Price: $11.00


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